Accident and health insurance. For athletes, visitors to Thailand.

Thailand should do with the tourists arrived. Arrivals of tourists to Thailand. A foreign country in many ways such as a passport without a visa, or have a visa before arrival. Or to apply for a visa at the airport at all. Also known as the Visa on Arrival is not our country in terms of tourists, business people into the country or who have life insurance or health insurance all As such, the public hospitals. And private hospitals. Tom is having problems in the treatment of foreigners into Thailand then. Can not be treated as a budget for expenses on illness or accident. Some high cost to some of them several million ever. Get some money to pay the patients with foreign tourists by the return of his country.

So it's time to be a time for Thailand to have to rethink their attention on travelers insurance. And health insurance Neu this way. It can be used insurance billing. And health insurance package to all foreigners who travel to Thailand, such as 200-400 baht each, we have to take care of these funds for 2500-5000 million, with an example of this type of law enforcement in some countries.

For athletes traveling to the competition. Not a problem because Typically, the host tournament manager will be responsible to take care of the cost of insurance. These health insurance. However, in later stages. Especially football. Revenue management of AFC. Are guidelines for countries participating in the competition must have accident insurance health insurance for athletes with anyone. Which, as a good Sam or athletes.

The other tourists would have to deposit the above-mentioned policy for the government. Executives in the country today, please find out who is responsible. And assist each other to act on health insurance and accident insurance parties.